AwesomeWall FAQs

Hopefully, this will give you any answers you are looking for. If it doesn't get in touch

Can I use AwesomeWall on my website?

Yes absolutely, you can user our super simple embed code. It's simply pasting in one line of code.

What do I need to run the screen version of AwesomeWall?

You will need an internet connected machine running Google Chrome and hooked up to a screen / monitor or projector.

Once you are logged in, you can then select to view your AwesomeWall as 'grid view' or 'single post view' and set your browser setting to presentation mode ... Simples.

We don't currently provide screens, projectors or computers, however, for screens and projectors we would recommend CT London.

Can I customize my AwesomeWall?

Absolutely. When you sign up and log in to AwesomeWall you can use your own branding by adding your own logo, custom hearder, choose your colors, fonts, animations etc. For more advanced AwesomeWalls you can even hook into our API or use our JavaScript plugin to make your AwesomeWall look exactly how you want it to.

How often does new content appear?

New content should appear within a couple of minutes of the content being posted on the social network.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can easily cancel your subscription by clicking on the subscription option when you are logged in. Your account will remain active until the end of your current subscription period.

I only want it for one day, do I still have to pay for a full week?

We are afraid so. We think that even for a day event you would probably want access to the system for a week to set everything up and to view after the event. We have spent a lot of time working behind the scenes on AwesomeWall and our weekly price is pretty much the cheapest at which we can run an AwesomeWall. We hope you think this price is reasonable enough for a daily event too.

What content will appear?

Public posts using your chosen hashtag on your chosen social networks.

With certain social networks there are various limitations as to what is classified as a "public" post.

For example, with Facebook, the user must post it publically, but they must also have various privacy settings enabled. Facebook and us here, take privacy very seriously, so we don't just show you all posts. They must be public, and the user must have the "follow" option enabled as well as allow their posts to be indexable by search engines.

Why isn't the post by X appearing?

As above, please make sure the post is totally public and the user has enabled any privacy settings.

What resolution should I use for the screen version?

Depending on your screen you might not have a choice, but we currently support Full HD 1080p "out of the box" (1920 x 1080). Via your account settings you can change the outputted resolution and if you need to downscale / upscale the output, you can manage that via your account settings too.