Aggregating content from a range of social networks

AwesomeWall collects photos, video and text content from social networks and displays them all in one place.

Your community can also upload directly to the AwesomeWall cloud. Track multiple hashtags and users. Just choose your settings and let AwesomeWall do the rest.


Choose pre or post moderation. Faster, easier mobile moderation on the go gives you the freedom to approve posts wherever you are.

Our SmartModeration enables you to blacklist specific words, whitelist users and ban certain users so that you can be confident about the content appearing on your social media wall.

Any website, any screen

AwesomeWall is a fully web based solution that works across all devices including computers, smartphones, tablets and even Smart TVs.

You can embed your social feed on your website, add it to a Facebook page tab, show it on a TV screen or you can even display it on a jumbotron.

Full Customization

It's super easy to make your social media wall fit in with your style and branding. Use our customization options to choose colours, fonts, header image, animation and more. Or use our super simple JavaScript plugin to style your wall exactly how you want.

Real-time updating

With AwesomeWall, social media posts will appear almost instantly on your wall or in your moderation panel so your community can see their posts straight away.

Set up your social media wall in less than 3 minutes

It's so easy to setup your custom AwesomeWall that you can do it in less than 3 minutes with no technical knowledge required. Watch the video to see how...

Customer Support

Got any questions? concerns? need help with something? We’re here to make your lives easier and your AwesomeWall experience, well… awesome.