An Awesome way to get fresh content and market your hotel or business.

Turn your guests into advocates and drive sales.

By creating a social media hub and sharing your guests’ feedback, prospective customers will see you as an honest and transparent company. Everyone does a bit of research online before booking their holiday, show them why they should book with you with authentic reviews and great photos of happy campers.

Create a buzz

AwesomeWalls in hotel lobbies are a great way to get your guests excited about their stay and to create a buzz around your hotel. Encourage your guests to share great pictures by offering a free night’s stay or dinner for two for the best picture; your presence on social media will rocket.

Use the #holidayselfie for a competitive advantage.

Get your guests to add your unique hashtag to the picture they’re about to share on social media and watch them become your brand ambassadors.

Create fresh content for your website by embedding an AwesomeWall into your site and show visitors what they can look forward to with an up to date, real-time social media feed.