An Awesome way to create an interactive experience at concerts and festivals.

Interactive Screens

Create an interactive digital art instillation to keep your fans entertained in between acts. People can’t resist seeing their own mugshots on a big screen in front of them.

It’s a great way to get your fans involved in a fun way whilst they hero your event on the internet.

Utilize the tool sitting in everyone's pocket

Everyone these days is carrying a smartphone in their pockets, and they want to tell their friends about the awesome gig they’re currently at.

You have a captive audience right there; they’re going to be shouting about your event on social networks anyway just get them to do it with a hashtag and you can collate them anywhere you want.

User generated content saves busy event managers time whilst drumming up genuine, honest feedback and excitement from attendees.

Let AwesomeWall promote your event and drive sales

Develop content for the promotional aspect of your event by sharing your hashtag early and let your guests sell your remaining tickets. Then make everyone else jealous by showing them how much fun they’re having and sell out even faster next year!

Embed AwesomeWall into your website and show it on your big screens in between sets to maximise your social media presence. With a fully customizable social hub, you can make your AwesomeWall look, well… awesome and be right on brand too.