An Awesome way to display information and inject some fun into corporate events & conferences

Bored of seeing the same old powerpoint at conferences?

Add some Awesome with AwesomeWall.

Engage your guests by getting them to post selfies and silly pictures and show them on the big screen or keep it straight and ask them to send their top tip from the day to create an informative but engaging feed.

Organising a tradeshow?

Let your exhibitors shout about their products and services without the need for a megaphone and let their best customers sell their product by tweeting about it too.

65% of the population are
visual learners.

Get your attendees to Tweet/Facebook their questions for a Q&A session and display them behind your speaker or panel for everyone to see.

Need to up your numbers and sell more tickets next year?

Let your attendees tell the rest of the world how Awesome your event is by embedding an AwesomeWall onto your site and encouraging your guests to use your unique hashtag. Research shows that adding a social media wall to your event can increase the use of your unique hashtag by 100%.