An Awesome way to spread the word about your product

Rewarding brand advocates and fans drives engagement

AwesomeWall encourages your customers to post about your product on social networks to get the word out about how Awesome it is.

Give your customers an incentive by running a photo competition with AwesomeWall to get more people posting. Or use your product launch event to give a free sample/trial and get your guests posting about it.

Encourage influencers to hero your product on social media

Creating an interactive social media wall at your product launch event will keep your guests entertained because everyone loves to see their faces on the big screen.

Influencers from your event will then be championing your product across a range of social networks correlating in more sales and increased demand.

Develop the relationship with your customers

Customers and fans love to feel a part of your brand. Through your unique hashtag and showcasing your fans’ photos on your site or on a screen in store makes them feel valued and develops the relationship between your brand and your customers.

Our Awesome moderation system means you can be in control of the content at all times, even on the go from your smartphone.