An Awesome way to create a buzz around your arena or stadium.

The warm up...

Before your big game add something Awesome and give your fans their five seconds of fame by posting their silly faced selfies with your unique sporting hashtag.

AwesomeWall is pretty contagious.

Once a few people start posting their pics everyone will want to join in. Keep your sponsors happy too by seamlessly integrating their brand and adverts with user generated content. Create a buzz around the stadium before the event even begins.

The game...

You don’t have to just rely on your cameramen and professional photographers, show the audiences’ perspective of the best moments of the match and have a hundred versions of that killer goal streaming right to your jumbotron as well as to your fans leaping from their sofas keen to see another view of that shot.

Give people watching at home a chance to see what the atmosphere is like in the stadium and send their messages of support to the players.

The cool down...

Keep the Awesome going and don’t let the buzz disappear as you post the best pics on your website and allow social media to do the rest.